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In the feature world, Mary is best known for directing PET SEMATARY, based on Stephen King’s novel. It was a huge box office success, which led to a sequel, PET II, also directed by Mary. Her first film, SIESTA, is a cult classic starring Ellen Barkin, Gabriel Byrne, Jodie Foster, Julian Sands and Martin Sheen. Siesta earned Mary a nomination from the Independent Spirit Awards for Best First Feature. Her films CLUBLAND, an independent feature about the music scene in Los Angeles, THE IN CROWD, a teen thriller, and the recent movie URBAN LEGEND 3 are all aimed at the teenage audience that adored her music videos.

In television, Mary has worked with the Disney Channel, CBS, Showtime, NBC, TNT, USA, Sundance Channel, Saturday Night Live and VH-1. She directed five movies for television: RETURN TO HALLOWEEN TOWN (starring Debbie Reynolds and Kimberley J. Brown), STRANGE FREQUENCIES (starring Eric Paladino and Danny Masterson), (starring Kelly McGillis and Ellen Burstyn), FACE OF EVIL (starring Tracy Gold and Shawnee Smith), and NO RECOURSE (starring Rachel Ward). Grand Isle received a Critics Choice Award at the Deauville Film Festival. In addition she directed ACE nominated episodes for HBO’s TALES FROM THE CRYPT, Showtime’s Drive in Classics (starring Anthony Edwards and Natasha Wagner) and episodes for both seasons of  ON THE ROAD IN AMERICA.

In 2007 Mary directed and produced her first feature length documentary, 14 WOMEN, about the 14 women US Senators in the 109th Congress. For her second feature length documentary, MISS SOUTH PACIFIC, Lambert is still directing principal photography, traveling back and forth to Fiji to document this story about a group of women who compete in the Miss South Pacific Pageant and their focus on climate change in the South Pacific.

In the world of fantasy and feature films, Lambert recently directed THE DARK PATH CHRONICLES, a series of webisodes for and MEGA PYTHON VS. GATOROID, a feature film for SyFy Channel.

Castle for Christmas, her Netflix film, was a big success.  The Best Christmas Ever, also for Netflix, was released December 2023.

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