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Christina Katrakis is an internationally renown artist. She served as the ambassador of good will in the “Freedom to Create” Global Project. Katrakis also works as a producer, artist, art director, director and scriptwriter in a number of documentary films as well as the Hollywood productions. She is a TV personality, anchorwoman and public persona.

Katrakis worked with a number of leading film directors both in Hollywood as well in Europe. She was a film artist and creative visual ideologist for the “Dark Path Chronicles” feature film and TV series by Mary Lambert, Hollywood, a co-producer, script-writer, story writer, creative ideologist and film artist in the film “Passion Creation” by Manfredo Leteo, Milan, as well as Mauro Calevi, Rome and Visionairemedia projects with Jerome Gary, Hollywood, to name a few. Katrakis is a creator, co-producer, creative ideologist and an anchorwoman in the popular TV series “Culture Shock”. She is also a co-producer, creator, script-writer and an anchorwoman of the popular TV show – “Meet, the Ukrainian”.

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