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Allison, a native Chicagoan, is an international producer having completed projects all across North & Central America, Europe, Eastern Europe, The Middle East and Asia. Upon graduating film school, she attended the Cannes Film Festival as a student filmmaker and joined the Crystal Sky Worldwide production team where she was responsible for selling films internationally and producing many projects. While producing for Crystal Sky, she was commissioned to produce for Renegade Films and Jon Voight Entertainment.

For 6 years Allison produced low and big budgeted projects for all three entertainment companies. She also independently produced several documentaries, including: “Women in Extreme Sports” and a tribute to Michael Douglas for the “Children of Chernobyl.” Allison prides herself on her charitable works, most notably the Giffonni Hollywood Film Festival (dedicated to child filmmakers around the world). Currently Allison is in pre-production for the feature film “E-Race,” and the Television series “Succession.” Allison is the founder of APG Pictures and Angelo Management. In her spare time, Allison is studying for her pilot’s license and is an avid surfer.

Allison is currently a Production Executive (Documentary films) at Netflix.

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