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film list

A diverse group of young Americans travel across the Middle East in the footsteps of the Arab Spring to meet people, to be inspired and to find out what is going on... read more
In each episode, an American and an Arab trade places for a week to see what life is like in the other person's shoes... read more
The journey continues with a new cast, a different route, and new issues in the wake of the Arab Spring... read more
The journey continues with a new Arab cast on a cross country trip to learn about American culture... read more
A twelve part documentary-reality series about four young Arabs from the Middle East traveling across America with... read more
A moving documentary that follows two Americans who lost a loved one on 9/11 as they travel to Amman and Madrid to meet... read more
An in-depth portrait of Middle Eastern Muslim women discussing issues that are important to them. The all female Arab crew... read more
A compelling portrayal of the public and private lives of the 14 female Senators who served during the 109th Congress. This feature... read more