Director of Photography
Muriel Aboulrouss, an award-winning cinematographer from Beirut
Lebanon, is the first woman to actually work as a cinematographer in
the Arab World. Her numerous cinematography credits include also award winning documentaries: "The oil spill" and "Lesson in History", both
by Hady Zaccak; She also won "Best cinematography" at the Arab Screen
International Awards for "The shower", a short film by Michel Kamoun,
with whom she also shot his first feature film: Falafel (best film at
Namur film festival 2006).

Muriel has been working for the past 10 years very selectively on
documentaries and films following her passion, exercising the art of
making films. She shot another Lebanese feature film "Stray Bullet" a
drama from the 70's a tale beautifully told by Georges Hashem, also
recently she has contributed to the biographical documentary of
Mahmoud Kaabour featuring his grand mother "Teta Alf Marra". Stray
Bullet won Best cinematography at Namur film festival and Best Arab
film at Dubai film festival (2010) while Teta Alf Marra snatched the
audience award for best documentary at Doha Tribecca film festival,
Docs Box Damascus festival (2010-2011) and in London international
film festival.

Muriel is also the cinematographer for Shankaboot, the first Arab
webseries produced by the BBC trust fund and Batouta films, Shankaboot
won Reflet d'Or for best webseries fiction at Geneva film festival
2010 and again won the digital Emmy award in 2011.